Sunday, October 3, 2010


Crocheting is my creative focus this fall.  I've been crocheting off and on since middle school.  I used to do very fine thread crochet, but cannot due to nerve damage in my dominant hand. After that, I gave up on it for years.

I started again this fall as I saw some of the new ways of doing things come out; enlarging traditional patterns (think exploded crochet by Doris Chan), old motifs reworked, freeform crochet. 

Americans frequently have  a hard time quieting down enough to meditate because we are so focussed on doing.  There is a book I have which I can't wait to re-read called " Zen and the Art of Drawing" if I remember correctly.  It confronted this issue and used plein air and life drawing as a compromise solution.  By focussing on an item or scene or person, one could achieve some of the same benefits as meditations while doing something.  Looking back, I think the writer was trying to accomplish the predomal state of entering 'flow'.  Flow itself cannot be engendered just because someone enjoys the state. But by practice and discipline, one can reach the predomal state more frequently and easily, thereby allowing for the more frequent occurence of flow. 

But for many of us, the predomal state of quieting physically and mentally is  enough.

Crocheting is one of many ways I can bring on the predomal phase.  It occupies my intellect enough so I don't have thoughts wandering into icky places and I end up with something useful and beautiful.

Currently I have a mini-poncho going out of fingering weight marino wool that is handdyed green and lavender.  I am also working a traditional, thread doily up in yellow 'Sugar and Creme' cotton yarn.  I am hoping it will be large enough to make into a shawl or shrug of some kind.  Pictures later.

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  1. I am deeply evious of anyone who is able to quiet their mind enough to enter a serene state of mind; I don't think I've ever experienced such a thing for any length of time. Mine is a very restless mind, I'm afraid.

    How wonderful it must be to have such a skill as the ability to crochet! My only accomplishment was a vest made of crocheted granny squares when I was in my teens; I look forward to seeing the photos of your work!

    "Predomal" is an unfamiliar term; thank you for the opportunity to learn something new!