Monday, October 4, 2010

Memorable Monday

Felt good after swimming yesterday.

Today was special because I got to pet a dog and hold a baby.

Also, I have a client, 89 y.o., who has been estranged from her two children for most of their adult life.  The oldest  re-connected with her several years ago.  The youngest, she would never talk about and said she would never tell the oldest about the youngest.

Recently she admitted she would like to know what happened to the youngest.  I asked if she would like met to try to locate her if I had some 'free time' at work.  She said yes.

I sent out three letters Friday to possible individuals--and hit the bull's eye.  Today I got a call from the youngest child, who has been searching for her mother for years and years.  She was in tears to know her mother was still alive.  I told her that tomorrow or Wednesday, I would let the client know about our conversation.

Not only would I like those two to re-connect, I want to re-connecct the two siblings.

Maybe it is in the realm of possibilities.

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  1. What wonderful news (as I see it anyway...let's hope your client does, too!) I send my very best hopes and positive vibes to the individuals concerned. May those individuals find each other and become a family once more!