Friday, November 12, 2010

Three Names

According to the Sages, we each have three names: 

The name we were given at birth,

               The name we earn by our own deeds (explained to mean the name we give ourselves)


The name that others give us (the name we deserve).

Should the last two be similar or congruent?  What role should they play?  Clearly the Sages think we should concerned about them. 

Which do you focus on more?  What would you like it to be?  And is it similar to the other?


  1. I think of the name I was given most of all. I don't know what name I may have given myself which tells me I didn't give myself one. I have thought as I write this and nothing comes to mind. Others call me my name I was given, and diminutives usually indicating Honey or something sweet. :-)

  2. This posting is food for thought, Neora...

    The name I was given is Margaret, which means "pearl" or "jewel of the sea", but I'm not aware of any specific thought my parents gave to the name's meaning(I wish now I'd asked Mom about that).

    The name I give myself, based upon the thing which gives my life most meaning is Writer; if I were to have a hyphenated name along those lines, I would call myself Writer-Artist.

    As for the name given me by others, I can only guess, but I hope it might be Good Person.

    I'm not certain if this response is suitable, but it's the one my poor brain came up with at this moment.

    I wish you a pleasant Tuesday, my friend.