Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a knotty situation

I went to a specialty yarn shop tonight and bought some lovely hand-dyed merino wool, fingering weight (fairly fine).  It was in a hank rather than a ball or skein and, when I went to start rolling it up, managed to tangle it very quickly and efficiently. 

So now I sit untangling a pile of yarn while I roll a ball out of it.  Looking for a metaphor or lesson to be learned; some Zen koan or hassidic story.  None come to mind while I continue my knotty path.

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  1. I love your attitude, my friend; if one lives an examined life, metaphors are everywhere. I have found that to be true most of my adult life.

    In your knotty situation with your yarn, I read one in which something as beautiful as an exquisite, fine-textured, handcrafted yarn was handed to you after your purchase of it in a hank, when it might've been better-offered in a pre-rolled ball. The person who sold it to you may've been creating such a product that they've disconnected from its profoundly special qualities as a human-made and -crafted piece of art in its own right. Just my take on it... 8 )

    Another take on it is the story of The Gordian Knot:


    ...I'll bet you know this story already! 8 )

    I hope your metaphor manifests itself to you soon; sometimes it just takes awhile.

    Wishing you peace.